China imposes more than 100% tax on Australian wines, reflec

China imposes more than 100% tax on Australian wines, reflec

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The Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced today that China will impose an anti-dumping tax (AD) on wines imported from Australia in the range of 107.1-212.1%, effective from Nov. 28.
China's measures are in retaliation for Australia. This reflects that the trade situation between the two countries is still tense. China is the country that imports the most Australian wine.

China has launched an investigation into Australian wine imports over dumping and subsidizing cases. Relations between China and Australia have โปรโมชั่น SLOTXO been increasingly tense in recent years. After the Australian government banned the company Huawei. China's technology leaves participation in Australia's 5G network.

Australia has also urged China to allow international investigators to search for the source of COVID-19. Which creates displeasure for China China has begun retaliatory measures to block some beef imports from Australia. And levied a tax on imports of barley from Australia in May the past. After completion of the dumping behavior investigation

Mr. David Little Proud Australia's Agriculture Minister told the press that Australia will take full steps to defend itself on this issue through the World Trade Organization (WTO), as the tariffs imposed by China are extremely high.
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