Scientists adjust 'The clock at the end of the world' approa

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Scientists adjust 'The clock at the end of the world' approa

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Leading Scientist Group 'Doomsday Clock', or 'Doomsday Clock', closer to midnight 30 seconds to reflect growing concern over a nuclear confrontation. And an unnatural climate change problem

This adjustment leaves the apocalypse clock two minutes เกมสล็อต before midnight. It was the highest risk level since 1953, when the Cold War was in heat.

Last year The end of the world clock has also been adjusted closer to midnight after Donald Trump won the US Presidential election. In which time The scholar was concerned that he was not conducive to nuclear disarmament.

In the past, there was a time when the risk of critical events was low. And the clock of the end of the world used to be 17 minutes from midnight.

Arizona State University physicist Lawrence Krauss represented scientists in the end of the world scheduling activity. Told reporters at the National Press Club in Washington. That his team wants to send a clear signal that the world is facing danger.

Professor Sharon Squassoni of George Washington University said we may have seen a return to the nuclear arms race. Amid the hot topic of North Korea And tensions between the US and Russia

A group of scientists who adjust the clocks for the end of the world, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, includes 15 Nobel laureates.

The academics said in a statement that Relations between china and the united states Still lacking in parts to stabilize security in the South China Sea

In addition to risks in the world political arena Scientists have warned of climate change and the potential threat of using robots as a weapon against opponents.

A VOA reporter asked the White House if they had any opinion. Regarding the hand adjustment of the clock, the end of the world is closer to midnight. Many of the issues were related to US President Donald Trump's policies.

Those who disagree with the doomsday clock adjustment say the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists' views reflect the exaggerated concerns of left-headed scholars.

Sharon Scowsoni, who is responsible for the Trump administration's work to deter the proliferation of weapons, said: “We are not in a very dark and desperate situation.”

She said President Trump may want to stay away from the use of provocative rhetoric to North Korea.

Finally, physicist Lawrence Kraus, representative of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, said the main goal of adjusting the clock was Is a symbolic warning to encourage discussion among stakeholders.
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